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2001, S G & P Payne.
Registered Dispensing Appliance Contractor
We are proud of our reputation and have over 30 years experience in patient care, dealing with "Urology" and "Ostomy" - Specialising in "The Management of Urinary Incontinence". Knowledgeable in design and in manufacturing methods and are able to offer a wide range of products and offer free personal, confidential and impartial advice on both these subjects, when required.

Established in 1978. S.G. & P Payne is a family run business and operates from its own premises in Hyde, Cheshire. Is a Member of, and conforms to, the British Healthcare Trades Association (B.H.T.A.) code of practice. "QUALITY" has always been a key word for both product and service and we take pride in giving both.

Several years ago, we acquired the incontinence business of G.U. Manufacturing Co., which included the well known, tried and tested "Kipper" bag range. Working in close co-operation with the medical profession and committed to serving the needs of both patient and the practitioner, we have also developed our own range of incontinence collecting devices. These have been accepted by the British Department of Health for inclusion in the list of incontinence products, which may be prescribed by a Doctor on the NHS (Drug Tariff Listed) or, can be purchased privately without prescription.

"Inconti-aid" is a Registered Trade Mark of S.G. & P.Payne


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